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It takes a transgression with real bite to inspire a furor of this intensity—Brangelina burn Jennifer! Risk, transgression , mockery, rebellion—these are the revving motors of fun. The sister in question had never apologized to her sibling for this transgression. It gives a pleasant sense of transgression , of really being in the nitty-gritty. But it is no less really true of all transgression , since all brings sickness to the soul. It is wronging the brethren also, to visit upon all the transgression of one individual.

Before the end of the second bottle they would be staring at each other, appalled at contemplation of their own transgression.

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He let me off, though, because it was my first transgression. So, why are we using it? RELATED WORDS infringement , infraction , lapse , misdemeanor , crime , misdeed , wrongdoing , error , breach , fault , sin , disobedience , vice , iniquity , encroachment , contravention , trespass , wrong , slip , defiance.

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The act of comitting a vile act or transgressing against another person. A wrong doing unto another. Hurting another for no appearent reason. Walking upto someone in the street and giving them the finger or slandering their name. Transgressive artists have sometimes disagreed with their being called "artists", as the term has become quite overinflated, cliched, and pretentious. Detractors of " transgressives " have leveled the same charges at them.

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  7. My personal opinion added: Transgression is not enough, but it's a real fuckin' good place to start. It should be done any way you want it , but I like mine with a side of fun.


    Kyle grabbed his crotch and looked her up and down as an act of transgression, as if to say, " Fuck you, bitch. Kyle videotaped this escapade as a work of transgression, as if to say " Fuck art and fuck you" via his art movie.

    Kodak Black Transgression REACTION

    A group of whores who like to ride one-quarter Chinese, one-quarter Thai, one-quarter African American, one-eighth Native American, and one-eighth Dutch married dick. These whores generally hang out in Las Vegas and will travel with said dick to exotic places in the world for a ride; Australia etc.

    Losing the Self: Transgression in Lawrence and Bataille

    Sometimes these whores appear on shitty reality tv shows; ie Tool Academy. This word is usually used by Stanford graduates and other well spoken people to confuse the semi-retarded general population. Sorry for my transgressions , but I had a rough day on the golf course and my model wife's vag isn't good enough. When a celebrity, while traveling, gets all sorts of road sex with many many different partners, behind their spouse's back.