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15 Fun Ways to Practice Math

Learning basic math -- addition, subtraction and multiplication -- for adults is no different than learning basic math for children. The only real difference is that an adult's other cognitive abilities, including language, are usually better developed than those of a child at the same stage of math learning.

So it's usually easier to explain the concepts to an adult than it is to a child. Start getting a grip on the basic concepts of addition and subtraction by using five of an identical item. These could be five oranges, five grapes, five tennis balls, five bricks Line up all five objects and count them. Now remove one object from the lineup and place it to the side. This is the same as subtracting one from your original number, which was five. What is five minus one? Count the remaining objects to find out: four.

Return the object you removed to the lineup. You had four objects, now you have added one, and as you can see, there are now five objects again. So four plus one equals five -- the evidence is right in front of you. Reset your lineup of five objects, then repeat the exercise while removing two, three, four and, finally, all five of the objects.

Once you've removed an object and calculated the result, add it back in and recalculate the result. Expand your grasp of the subject, now that you understand the basic principle of it, by memorizing addition and subtraction tables.

See the Resources section for links. But this method is great because they all fit nicely into the card box, making for easy and portable storage. Make a recipe. Put those skills to the test by making no-bake cookies or even slime. For more of a challenge, have students double, triple or even quadruple the recipe. Borrow or buy an adding machine. Do you remember the simple joy you had when playing around with an adding machine? If not, go to your nearest thrift store to find one!

Learn easily with Video Lessons and Interactive Practice Problems

Students will love being able to punch in numbers and have the math problems come out on real paper. Download Sudoku and Kakuro puzzles. Sudoku is definitely a good way to practice math, and you can find puzzles, books and samples all over the place.

Not as many people know about Kakuro puzzles though. They are similar to Sudoku in that they come in a grid, but the rules are different. Download math apps. This is another area where you can find oodles of options. With most schools having access to tablets, this is a great way to make practice fun for your students. Look for math games best suited for your age group most apps have age recommendations.

Create a math Concentration game. You know the classic game Concentration?

Answer Questions

Create your own version using math problems or cutting up old flash cards. So you might have 4 x 5 on one card, and then another card would have Have the students find each answer for a correct match.

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You could even color-code the cards to make it easy to distinguish questions vs. Have a math scavenger hunt. Get ready to be the most popular teacher at your school! Scavenger hunts are already exciting and fun. For this scavenger hunt, make math problems the clues. So in order to move on, students have to really think about the problems and give the correct answers. Be sure to make them challenging so the reward maybe 10 minutes of extra recess is worth it.

We suggest pulling out all your hardest math problems and even dividing up into teams for a little friendly competition. Weave math into other subjects. You know those math problems you created earlier with a deck of cards? In the middle of social studies, pull out a math card. All these little practice sessions can really add up in developing skills.

Basic Number Facts and Operations - Introduction

Cut up the worksheet. A piece of paper can be oh-so boring to kids. Try cutting up the math worksheet you were planning to give your students. Fold up the various problems and put them in a box.