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More filters. Sort order. Apr 30, David rated it really liked it. I am looking forward to Danielle's new book, Sovereign's Journey. I am amazed this was her first book. Good survival tips here too. I am sure the Governor of Texas would enjoy reading this page turner. View 1 comment. Diane Shearer rated it liked it May 11, Elliott Windish rated it did not like it May 14, Gary Bernard rated it liked it Nov 17, Denyse Cox rated it really liked it Nov 14, HilndLord rated it really liked it Jul 30, David rated it really liked it Aug 12, Catherine marked it as to-read Jan 19, Nighat added it Nov 22, Andrea Jones is currently reading it Nov 26, Stephanie marked it as to-read May 29, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

About Danielle E. Danielle E. Danielle graduated from a private Christian University in nineteen-eighty-four and worked as a retail manager for a couple of years until joining the United States Army. Serving as an enlisted soldier, NCO, and as a commissioned officer, Danielle gained a well-rounded overview of military life. She served in both the regular army and the National Guard during the late nineteen-eighties and the fir Danielle graduated from a private Christian University in nineteen-eighty-four and worked as a retail manager for a couple of years until joining the United States Army.

She served in both the regular army and the National Guard during the late nineteen-eighties and the first part of the nineteen-nineties. Since then, she has worked for major corporations as an IT Leader, and she is a small business owner. Now, opening another chapter, Danielle is beginning a new phase of activism, the goal of which, is to promote Americans to cherish their freedom and to think for themselves. She hopes to encourage readers to fiercely protect their individual civil rights and to care for their neighbors.

Jihadists have always been a threat, but only in recent years have they begun to become a threat to Western Civilization. The United States faced radical Islam for as long as we have been a nation.

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President Thomas Jefferson oversaw the creation of the first American Navy because our sailors were being captured and the Jizyah, ransom was just too expensive for the young nation to afford. President Jefferson sent the United States Marines to crush the extremist. Even as a young nation, America was able to keep the Islamists at bay. In our world today, whether to obtain cheap oil, to buy off Arabic leaders from whom we wanted something, or to buy friendship from Arabic leaders to promote us in our dealings on the world stage, we have transferred trillions of dollars in wealth to the Middle East.

These dollars have then in turn been used to fuel radical Islam all over the world. Considering Western dependence on oil, and the debt levels in the West, how secure to you currently feel that Europe and America remains capable of a robust defense of our culture? Considering where the world is today, the West has fueled Islamic extremism with petro-dollars and economic aid for decades.

While the world has witnessed, or if you prefer Mr. If you are the enemy and want to see a Caliphate come to pass, if not now, when? Yes, the West has seen Islamic extremism before in the world, and the West was able to defeat it. Today Western nations are all but bankrupt, and like Rome in antiquity, the West has over extended itself. Americans and Europeans do not wish to engage in a battle of civilization.

For this reason, instead of facing the world as it is, Mr. Obama choses to put on a dog and pony show. He puts on a play for the world stage designed to give comfort and to assuage Americans demand for justice. If the American way of life is to survive, Western nations will have to become serious about the threat we all face.

Western nations must become energy independent, and we must be realistic about the threats we all face. To win a battle for civilization, the West will have to find a way to unite on key concepts, namely that a battle for civilization is being waged and to retain freedom the West will have to fully engage in the battle to win it. Warning — Graphic Content.

Like most Americans, I spent the last few weeks watching the drama of events taking place following a police officer killing an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri. On the surface this story is about race and police brutality, or perhaps it is about the militarization of the police, but these topics are not what are actually driving this story. What if the drama we see unfolding has a root cause that goes deeper than what the pundits tell us the story is all about?

What if the events we are following on TV and social media indicate something about the nature of each of us that is leading us into a time of profound darkness. America has always been great because America has been run by decent hard working citizens. Today far many Americans abdicate our responsibilities to the so-called experts. Today, our declining faith in God, our inability to even hold a debate about important topics, and our loss of trust make tragedy all but inevitable. A few months ago the drama playing out before Americans was the stand off at the Bundy Ranch.

Before that Americans were witness to the drama of Occupy Wall Street. Obviously, there have been similar events throughout U. In the nineteen-sixties, I would even offer that the level of anger exhibited by citizens was as serious and wide spread as it is today. George W. Bush had his war protests.

See a Problem?

American history is full of strife including a civil war. The question is how mush stress can the culture take before tragedy occurs? Disgruntled Americans making their feelings known is part of American culture and American history, and our constitution guarantees our right to assemble and to petition the government. All things being equal, these events are not any worse on their own than other events in history that the nation has successfully navigated and survived to tell the tale. On the other hand, I would like to point out that the history now taking place concurrent to these events may be of some concern.

The fabric of any culture can withstand only so much stress before it tears. The protestors in Ferguson say they are angry at the injustice of a white cop killing an innocent, unarmed, black teenager. What will happen if the facts determine that the teenager was the aggressor and that the officer acted appropriately? I think most Americans would acknowledge that additional riots are possible, if not likely. If the officer is innocent, will he receive justice, or will corrupt officials sacrifice him to maintain peace, or if you like, will he receive social justice?

If he is innocent and sacrificed for the sake of the collective, how willing will other officers be to do their jobs? Unlike past events our nation has survived, the challenges occurring today are happening at the same time as multiple serious challenges to our way of life in the United States. Western nations, including the United States are all but bankrupt.

Phoenix Republic, The Lone Star Gambit

The US is over seventeen trillion dollars in debt and has had to resort to relying on the Federal Reserve to create money out of thin air. The Federal Reserve then turns around and buys US treasuries with these fictional dollars.

As you read this article, psychopathic fascist Jihadists are murdering, raping and torturing men, women, and children in appalling numbers. In Europe, the Russian Federation under Mr. Putin has invaded and taken over the Crimea from Ukraine, regardless of treaties guaranteeing Ukrainian sovereignty. Russian soldiers are now firing artillery shells from Ukrainian soil at Ukrainian military units. According to the Senate Budget Committee approximately one in six Americans are now on food stamps.

The American President actually brags about this statistic as if it were a positive indicator. The household income of Americans is falling while the cost of energy, food, education, medical care, and housing are increasing. The federal government takeover of the health care industry now requires that Americans have medical insurance that costs dramatically more that most families can afford. These new policies have deductibles that make the policy all but worthless to those who need it. This insurance is of course subsidized by the government.

The truth in America is that the prices for the basics of life will continue to rise, how will Americans like those protesting in Ferguson react when they no longer afford that which they must have? My point, you ask? America has always faced challenges and there have even been times of great strife in our history, but rarely have we faced this great a number of threats at the same time.

The country survived the Civil War, but at what cost? The conflict caused the cultural fabric of the country to tear resulting in hundreds of thousands of American casualties. How willing are Americans today to endure that high cost. One might make the argument that we are still seeing the results of that conflict today as many of the same leaders still agitate for their collectivist and anti-American agenda.

Recent elections reflect this division. The vitriol in the country continues to increase.

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Political leaders will say and do almost anything to win an election. I postulate that our governmental institutions are becoming more and more illegitimate every day. Many Americans are simply ignorant about key issues today. Far too many of our country men and women are in fact emotionally detached from the country.

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Many Americans no longer believe in the great experiment that is the American Republic and they seem to no longer have a stake in defending their own freedom. The corporate — political elites know that the truth is irrelevant. In an environment where trust is steadily being destroyed by the unreported stories, misrepresentations, and blatant lies of the media, government, and various civic leaders, low information citizens who only know that things are messed up, react badly when agitated by their media puppet masters. They can see for themselves that their government violates its own laws with impunity.

They can see some citizens getting special privileges. Americans know we are being lied to, but far too many of us still blame those the puppet masters tell us to blame. Americans no longer believe or trust anyone, and fewer and fewer Americans have faith in God. This is a real problem because where there is no trust, and we have no faith that even our government will keep its word, how can we work together to resolve our differences?

When opposing sides in a debate cannot communicate, pressure builds and conflict becomes inevitable. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great. The only question is which of the many sparks will ignite a conflagration. The only way to avoid tragedy is to care enough to look past the agendas and talking points, not only of our opponents but past the agendas and talking points of those we support also.

We must regain our faith in a creator and we must find ways to love each other before all is lost. If we are to avoid the dystopian future I wrote about in Phoenix Republic from becoming fact instead of fiction. We must understand where we are on the road to some really dark outcomes. People occasionally tell me that what I describe as an upside down crazy world is nothing more than me overreacting to everyday events.

My thought however is that if news stories were puzzle pieces that fit together to form a larger picture, that picture would not be a pleasant one. While these trends are not new and have been out of control for decades, the ever increasing rate of deterioration is increasing at an increasing rate.

We are literally witness to a nexus in history, I think. Americans have been blessed and live comfortable controlled lives, largely protected from the worst tragedies in life. My concern is that we have surpassed a breaking point and our comfortable existence is now at risk. None of us care to acknowledge just how serious things like the national debt, an uncontrolled border, corporate theft, or a lawless government are. We just go on with our lives and hope that things will get better.

Even my family continues to go to work and pay the mortgage. I am still even contributing to my K regardless that I have very little faith that Ks will survive what may be coming. I guess, like many people, I hope I can make it the five and a half more years I need so that I can get my money out of the system and use it to set up the economy I will depend on in retirement. Sure, I have taken steps to mitigate the risk, but as my characters Catherine, Megan and Annie learned in Phoenix Republic when their comfortable world simply ceased to exist, collapse builds for a long time but takes place in the blink of an eye.

Consider, if you will just a sample of news stories from the past week. A caliphate now exists in the heart of the Middle East. Syria, Iraq, and Now Israel are embroiled in fighting. Tens of thousands of desperate people are flooding across the US southern border all but unchecked. The United States government not only refuses to enforce the law, but is actually encouraging the situation.

As most of us earn and live off of wages in the USA and in Europe the vast majority of citizens are finding it more and more difficult to maintain their standard of living. The problem is an increasingly out of touch elite class continue to talk about taxing their citizens while ignoring the other half of the equation which means reducing the cost of government. All the while, the economy continues to decline which also puts pressure on average citizens.

As the article points out there is a point where civil unrest is unavoidable. The only question is where is that redline? When life is too broken in too many places it is easy to just give up, but my thought is that even now one must prepare and try to be a blessing for others.

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Life will go on even if the current paradigm fails. All that giving up means is that one will be more dependent and more at risk than otherwise they might have been when that time comes. Even in a crazy upside down world there are things to live for. We have family and loved ones to cling to and to protect. We have faith and we have hope. A big part of writing is talking to readers about your book. Actually, in my opinion, the most interesting part of writing is about talking to readers about what they think about the world.

I often answer by asking people to scan the headlines and ask themselves if what they see gives them a feel for life in America today. In the last couple of weeks we had some of the following headlines about stories that any one of which would have been earthshaking only a few years ago. Today they are more or less all happening all at one time. Here are just a few examples. Think about it, there are signs posted in some areas of the US where authorities actually inform American citizens that the area is dangerous to travel in.

Tens of thousands of people are crossing our borders with no way to determine who they are. As a nation the US has spent trillions of dollars on Iraq, which now appears to be collapsing almost overnight. The Middle East could descend into civil war any day now. If that happens, the price of oil will almost assuredly skyrocket. America burns 15 million barrels of oil a day while only producing 8 million barrels of oil a day. Obviously we are bringing in 7 million barrels of oil a day from other places. One of those places is the Middle East.

Instead of Washington DC working feverishly to secure oil from Canada and to dramatically increase our own production, it is working to reduce our capability and has killed the keystone pipeline project. If war does break out, western nations will be in deep, deep trouble. Think about it. Compare the percentage of GDP American leaders have committed us to now and what we were on the hook for just a few short years ago. Come on. If nothing else, think about it as if the numbers below were personal. Regardless of the scale of the problem, it is the same paradigm. Where am I going with this?

I will tell you. In my opinion, our country is too broken in too many places to ever fix unless we can find a way to address our issues honestly very soon. As I have written about in other articles, there are two Americas. We are dangerously divided and sadly, this is our biggest challenge. The federal government encourages people to spend foolishly and lenders are more than happy to borrow money at zero percent interest and loan it out risk free to borrowers. Prior to , Wall Street was all about selling mortgage derivatives which basically amounts to fractional ownership of a home loan.

The bottom line is that ownership become hopelessly conflated. Good loans were packaged together with bad loans, resulting in a mortgage market where no one knew what something was worth. As the bubble popped and prices plummeted, it became a death spiral. Companies collapsed, Americans lost jobs, and in an effort to retain political power, politicians rushed in to pass legislation to make it look like they cared and had a plan. It would not do to have Americans panic. Washington rushed in to create money out of thin air to throw at the problem.

Americans were incentivized not to work as unemployment was extended and extended again. The thing is this. As Washington DC desperately tries to retain power by bribing Americans, they mask the real issues so that they become impossible to fix. Worse yet, they actually contribute to the problem. As regulations and taxes increase anyone who actually is productive is forced to fail by the additional burden of government.

Beginning in , the United States political leadership was shocked by a near collapse. Political and corporate elites rushed to the breach. They realized that their lifestyles depended on convincing Americans of three things. They had to find ways to maintain the illusion. Political leaders in a nation in decline must maintain the status quo to retain power. These so-called leaders must make us all believe that they must increase the size of the federal government in order to be able to solve the problems facing the country.

They of course fail to mention that they are the ones that caused our problems in the first place. Most Americans are so busy trying to make their individual lives work that they fail to appreciate the situation on the macro level. Things like Net Neutrality become a necessity. Things like The Affordable Care Act must be imposed to not only control what you do, in this case control your health care, but they must control how you do it.

In other words, they must in some way control every thing citizens do because if they for any reason lost control their dominance would quickly be threatened. In Phoenix Republic three sisters, Catherine, Megan, and Annie experience first hand what happens when an economic disaster strikes. Progressives in music and entertainment routinely support a collectivist point of view. In fact, unless you are already a huge star, holding conservative points of view will get you fired. Looking at the title of the bill it looks great. Of course, as with most things emanating from Washington D.

What they are keenly interested in is the ability to say who might be anointed to watch over them and report on their activity. It is, after all, really inconvenient to have real investigative reporting about the epic failures they call policy; or have their self-involved, corruption brought to light by heroes like Michelle Maulkin , or Dana Loesh. How convenient is that? How is government having approval authority over who can be a journalist any different than actually having approval authority over a news story that journalist might write. Goebbels required that anyone involved in media sign loyalty oaths to the Nazi Party.

Juan Williams was a senior news analyst for NPR until he stepped outside of progressive orthodoxy in October of for his comments on Muslims. Regardless of consistently supporting progressive positions, the man was unceremoniously fired for not adhering to progressives fascist talking points. In this case, Raffi Williams , who is a conservative, was vilified because he dared to have a conservative point of view as a black man.

Similarly, Dr. All progressive elitists require is to set up a process that achieves the same result. If there is one thing I can glean from the First Amendment, it is that government should not be in the business of licensing the news media.

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Bloggers are a existential threat to progressive control over the narrative that the general public is presented. Progressives are far from stupid. The new media is quickly supplanting the old centralized model of network television news. If progressives wish to retain control over the conversation they must eliminate dissenters.