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La separación de agua: Una manera para almacenar energía solar

Moreover, after the investigation made in order to prepare the National Position Paper for Spain, Ecofys came to the conclusion that no such an information campaign has been launched in Spain before. Recently, the Chamber of Architects in Catalonia, which has received the campaign, has contacted Ecofys in order to set up a local campaign addressed to their members 8, regarding SOLARGE tools, especially building assessment tools. Lessons learnt and repeatability. The possibility of setting local campaigns such as the one proposed by the Chamber of Architects in Catalonia shows the impact of the current one.

It shows that large scale dissemination actions can be implemented in Spain due to the existing legislative framework and the current need of tools to comply with the solar obligations.

Energía solar: una estafa renovable

Moreover, the experiences showed all over Europe will give potential users confidence in the technology and a good understanding of its advantages. Ecofys S. Contact us Sitemap. Solar thermal energy for large buildings.

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Context Solar thermal energy has become a main concern in Spain after the new building code entered into force in since it enforces, on a national level, the application of solar thermal systems to partially cover the hot tap water demand for domestic purposes and water heating for indoor swimming pools. Follow us.

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A global presence, working towards a secure, sustainable future for all. Commentaries View all Cutting-edge insights and analysis from our energy experts. Our Analysis The IEA assesses what the energy system looks like today, what will happen tomorrow and what the future might hold. World Energy Investment Benchmark for measuring investment across the energy sector, including factors influencing investment decisions.

Tracking Clean Energy Progress Comprehensive assessments of energy technologies and sectors critical in a global clean-energy transition. The Future World leading scenario analysis of the global energy system.

Shaping a secure and sustainable energy future

World Energy Outlook Energy demand and supply projections to based on different scenarios. The Future of Petrochemicals A close look at the consequences of growing demand for petrochemicals. Global EV Outlook The state of EVs, charging infrastructure and policies around the globe today, as well as scenario outlooks to The Future of Cooling Key insights into cooling trends, including proposed policy responses for a more sustainable pathway.

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Energy Efficiency Exploring an energy efficient future, with economic, social and environmental benefits. Clean Energy Transitions As a global hub for clean energy, the IEA is supporting efforts by governments to transform energy systems.

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Energy Security Secure, reliable and ample energy supplies remain a central pillar of the IEA mission. Innovation Efforts to support innovation for energy security, economic growth and environmental protection. Harding and the Nobel Prize in physics Yang Zhen Ning, which allows at the same time incorporate the most advanced technology in the field of solar energy.

From its research centre, set up jointly with the Academy of science and technology of China, Wolss Sunrain developed also his own studies, to then apply the best results in their products. The extensive use of solar energy is one of the answers specific and more efficient to the emission of CO 2 , warming of the planet and to the deterioration of the environment. In addition, and precisely because of these same features, Wolss Sunrain teams are presented as a very cost-effective solution in the medium term both for the real estate industry, faced with the continuous increase in the prices of energies based on organic sources.

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  8. Currently, Wolss Sunrain is the first company in our country dedicated to its production and marketing of vacuum tube. Envisaged a turnover in the first year of operation of EUR Traco Iberia, S. Lumelco, S.

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