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Determined to become a writer, Ming finds her way to New York, but to make ends meet she goes to work for a crime ring and returns to China on the lam. Hope arrives in the form of her American friend Zoe. Jan Alexander is a deft story-teller who manages to create a world that is both wild and breathtaking.

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She takes us across this alternate world, and we willingly go. I warn you though.

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For anyone who has had enough of the white expat male China novel, this book comes as a welcome relief as Jan Alexander seamlessly weaves in modern social issues. An excellent choice for China novices and aficionados alike. You must be logged in to post a review. Pact Press publishing finely crafted anthologies and full-length works that focus upon issues such as diversity, immigration, racism and discrimination. The Regal House Initiative , a c 3 nonprofit that conducts project-based literacy and educational outreach in support of underserved communities.

They sacrifice comfort, women, wine and vanity to it They cultivate their aesthetic sensibilities. They cannot stand to fall asleep fully dressed, see a slit in the wall teeming with bedbugs, breathe rotten air, walk on a spittle-laden floor or eat off a kerosene stove.

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They try their best to tame and ennoble their sexual instinct And so on. That's how civilized people act. If you want to be civilized and not fall below the level of the milieu you belong to, it is not enough to read The Pickwick Papers and memorize a soliloquy from Faust. It is not enough to hail a cab and drive off to Yakimanka Street if all you're going to do is bolt out again a week later. You must work at it constantly, day and night. You must never stop reading, studying in depth, exercising your will. Every hour is precious. I love lists, manifestos, personal commandments.

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