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German civil society organizations have broadly welcomed the news, although they have cautioned against a restrictive interpretation of the law with regards to other human rights concerns beyond labour rights.

Questions have also been raised as to whether and how the law would improve access to justice for foreign workers in German courts. According to TAZ, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development has said the draft law is an initial reflection on the topic and will feed into further discussions with key partners.

The Development Ministry's draft law could serve as a basis for a legislative initiative on mandatory human rights due diligence in Germany, although the draft would still need approval from other German ministries and cabinet members. Read more in our blog on the potential significance of the draft law here.

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Further information is also available in German here. Aktuell zeigt sich, dass Bundesminister Hubertus Heil hat Read the full post here. Doch die Arbeitsbedingungen vor Ort sind oft schlecht Das soll eigentlich der "Nationale Aktionsplan Wirtschaft und Menschenrechte" verhindern, den die Bundesregierung beschlossen hatte. Die Resonanz ist bisher eher verhalten. Weshalb also die Aufregung?

Diese bilden gleichzeitig auch die Basis nahezu aller Brancheninitiativen.

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Richtig — Keiner Specifically, the Draft Law requires German companies to monitor their own operations as well as those of their global business partners to ensure they meet certain environmental and social standards, including fair working conditions. This legislative development is the latest addition to the increasing number of national laws that place obligations on certain companies to report on or conduct efforts to identify and mitigate human rights risks such as human trafficking, child labor, and other forms of forced labor from their global operations The proposal falls into a broader trend in Europe, as governments pressure their multinationals to take accountability for conditions in supply chains that can lead to deadly incidents or environmental damage.

The German proposal goes further than the French, which only affects companies with more than 5, employees.

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The need is clearly there, advocates say. Johannes Blankenbach, the center's representative for the European Union, said that reflects the reach of Europe's largest economy. Germany instituting mandatory due diligence for its companies could have an outsized impact — not only on its own companies but also in encouraging lower-income countries to introduce protections or improve enforcement. dictionary :: endlich allein :: German-English translation

The law's passage is far from certain, though, and risks being eclipsed by a drive to get businesses to introduce safeguards voluntarily. In Germany, the issue of due diligence in supply chains has been on the current government's radar since it took power in Haifisch reached 33 in the German charts, but fell off the very next week. The video features the band at lead singer Till Lindemann 's funeral along with some other mourners, one of whom is Marilyn Manson. A fight breaks out between two women who have had Till's children.

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Meanwhile, the rest of the band contemplate on who should replace Till as the singer Henry Rollins and James Hetfield are shown as suggestions, with Hetfield presumably being picked, as his picture was shown more than once, as well as being pointed to by one of the band members. As the video continues, Till is lowered into his grave inscribed "endlich allein" German: "finally alone" and many scenarios are shown of how Till died, which are all based on previous Rammstein videos: being beaten and set on fire by Schneider Du hast , having his tether cut while rock climbing by Richard Ohne dich , having his oxygen pipe removed from his space suit by Ollie while on the moon Amerika , and a fat Till being suffocated with spaghetti force-fed to him by Flake An homage to the movie Se7en and also Keine Lust.

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