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Book Description Wyrmfyr Pr. Seller Inventory ING Book Description Wyrmfyr Pr, Seller Inventory M No Good Deed The Adventures of Elsabeth Soesten. D E Wyatt. Publisher: Wyrmfyr Pr , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available.

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I'd love a review! Name: Matthijs Holter Email: matthijs hotmail. Back Cover Blurb: Quote. Martinez Email:andersoncreate gmail. My story is based on my world named Odealeous.

Bait and Switch by D.E. Wyatt

Yes all my books will be written in this world. Like George RR Martin said. Dont limit your self, it is never too much. The world is large. It has many countries and races. It has its own textbook history. Each country has its own background and origin. I am just starting off to reveal the mysteries of this world.

I dont like heroes. I think they are too boring and predictable. I like characters that are complex and walk between dakness and light. Neither good or evil. Let me know if you are interested and I will email you a copy. Thank you for you time and honest reviews. Nobody seems to remember her, her own apartment is occupied by the uninvited tenants, and even her sister, the only family Samantha has, is unable to recognize her.

Lost and confused, Samantha accepts help from a stranger, a charismatic man named Archie, whom she accidentally encounters and unwillingly joins him in his fight against the silent invasion of the planet, Alpha planet as he calls it; and he himself happens to be a soldier from a parallel one, Beta. How Many Copies Available for Reviewers: no limit Stipulations: I will send you a free copy of the book pdf file and in return I would like you to post your review anywhere you like, Amazon is most appreciated. Name: Lou Heneghan Email: lou.

Any feedback on this also much appreciated. He also suspects that the mysterious hooded man he keeps seeing is following him. He is. Because Ralf Osborne is far from normal. Ralf has lived before. The hooded man is Old Father Time and, at a shocking meeting, he reveals Ralf is one of The Turnarounders — a group of special children who, in a previous incarnation, made a solemn promise that it is now time to keep. Soon Ralf and the other Turnarounders are plunged back into their previous lives in a tiny Kent fishing village at the start of World War II.

It's a big, fat, fantasy adventure so I can't afford to offer print copies, I'm afraid.

But, if you'll write me an honest review, I'll send you a T-shirt - honest! Stipulations: None. I'd be very grateful for any feedback. Feel free to post reviews here, on Amazon, on Smashwords or wherever you like. Tweets will be responded to and Facebook Likes appreciated. Name: David Berger Email: tchrofengl gmail.

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Format: Any format for an e-reader Back Cover Blurb: For Aegis, Zodiak, Aether, and Talon, operatives in the United Nations Task Force: Gaea, life should have returned to normal after they restored the cosmic balance that a reckless elder goddess shattered, but because of the intervention of the Fates, they would never remember what life was like before. With history now unfolding the way it was supposed to, paranoia plagues this new time line, and tight-fisted governments mandate control through a pervasive military presence, DNA scans, and surveillance cameras.

Inexplicable occurrences all over the world give way to a new mission for Task Force: Gaea when an ancient cloudlike evil referred to in prophecy only as The Nebulous One emerges from Tartaros, with the intention of devouring the Olympeian gods. But, before she can find them, all of the gods but Apollo have disappeared. Leaving chaos and human corpses in her wake, she oozes her way across the globe to satisfy her hunger.

Apollo will not face this threat alone, and it then becomes a race: will he and Task Force: Gaea find and vanquish this primordial goddess without falling prey to her power before she finds the gods? Starting in antiquity and moving to the modern day, this epic battle between good and evil leaves both immortal and mortal alike wondering whether memory can be a blessing… or a curse. Stipulations: Leave a short review or whatever size length you want over at Amazon and Goodreads once you've finished reading. If you enjoy it, I encourage you to tell your family and friends about it.

Help spread the good word. I'd greatly appreciate it. How To Claim Your Copy: email me at tchrofengl gmail dot com and let me know you're interested in reading and reviewing the e-book. Tell me what format e-book you would like.

Mediocrity is for the timid; excellence, for those who dare. Hello all! Would anyone care to review Bad Bishop? Name: Irene Soldatos Email: irene. History is a memory. August A. A headless corpse is found in a room with shuttered windows and the door locked from the inside. The man's name was Salonius and he was the Duke.