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Forty full-grown lb. They trample each other to death. There is no sunlight, straw, fresh air or earth. Pigs have not always been raised this way. Pig husbandry is ancient, but even in modern times, one of the unusual factors about the rise of the factory hog farm is that it happened very quickly. As with most industrialized animal production, the industry has selected certain parts of the country to host hog factories.

The transformation was facilitated by federal policy changes pushed by the pork packers and other agribusinesses.

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When the crop prices to fell below their cost of production many farmers received federal payments to make up the difference, and this actually subsidized the growth of hog factories. These artificially low prices also encouraged livestock producers to buy feed rather than pasture their livestock or grow their own feed. Since producers no longer needed land for these purposes, it became economically feasible to confine large numbers of animals together in factory farm facilities.

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  5. Weak oversight of waste disposal, the major expense of hog operations, reduces the cost of factory farming and encourages the development of larger and larger operations. Adequate oversight was blocked repeatedly by the livestock industry, which opposed any regulation of these pollutants.

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    Beginning in , both parties have acted to unleash this wave of mergers by dismantling the anti-trust laws of Theodore Roosevelt. Viewed as individual snapshots, transactions appear profitable and in the beginning of the process, most could be justified as exercising the right of owners to sell their company shares to the highest bidder.

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    We cannot manage Big Business through Big Government or vice versa. Those who try only take sides in their internecine struggle. Speaking as a conservative, who is committed to free markets, competition and affordable government, the idea that these industrial concentrations have advanced, or are leading to free and competitive markets or strengthened industries or an improved society, is ludicrous.

    We cannot allow our America to degenerate into a business model where monopolies control every industry, or worse, where these merge into foreign-owned, multi-industry transnationals, as is already happening. We already have the anti-trust laws on the books, but we must start enforcing them once again. The wave of mergers and acquisitions has concentrated the pork-producing sector into the hands of a few powerhouses that employ heavy-handed tactics to minimize the prices they pay for livestock. As a result, independent hog operators who sell their livestock on open markets have nearly disappeared in the face of massive industry consolidation.

    The four largest pork processors now slaughter two out of three hogs. Smithfield, owned by the Chinese, is by far the largest. These companies not only slaughter and process the hogs, but they exert tremendous control over farmers through production and marketing contracts. The farm tragedy is that the small producer has been driven out of business. The loss of 1. We need midsize farmers not only to survive but be viable and form the backbone of American food production.

    In , the American farmer received 40 percent of the food dollar. Today, the farmer gets 10 percent. USDA statistics greatly exaggerate the number of full time farms and make it look like few farmers get subsidies. Actually we have less than one million full-time farms left and virtually all are on subsidies. A Sacred Geometry. Orun VA Dragonfly Original Mix.

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